Tuesday, 3 April 2012

GOGO Getaway 2012.

What A lovely Weekend in more ways than one.  The sun was shining, the Daffs were out, and to top it all, I got to spend time with friends old and new.

This was the 8th GOGO getaway, and my third.  And I must say that this has been by far the best for me.  The lovely GOGO girls changing and perfecting the event using suggestions, and tried and tested methods from previous events, to make it all go with a flow.

Here are some of my creations from the weekend, will post more as and when I finish the minor details like journalling.

1. This is one of my favourite classes, by Lisa Griffin - I can paint a rainbow.  Painting on black and white photo's, I will definitely be using this technique again.

2. Another great class from the lovely Janice Warren - Wishi Washi, Nice and relaxed perfect for a late night :).
Loved making the washi tape, have never been a fan, but now i know how to do my own, and create perfect matching designs and colours, I will be doing this again, and again.

3. Labels class by Lorraine Ablett, perfect for my designer loving daughter, had no idea what the class entailed but took along some labels which we had been collecting, and they were perfect for the cause. This class was all about making your own labels but i was able to incorporate some of our own.


  1. Love the Rainbow one - may just have to steal some of it!!!!

    See you in October!??!?!

  2. Fab lo's, great idea to use some of your own labels.