Tuesday, 10 July 2012


What a busy few weeks I have had, trying to juggle what seemed like a million different things at once.   Suffering the effects now with a aches, pains a cold (although that appears to be leaving now).    Looking forward to the school holidays and a change in routine,  I will probably regret saying that fairly quickly LOL , once the kids start urguing and I have listened to "Mum, Im bored" for the umpteenth time.  Teenage years are the most difficult I believe No longer a child, but not quite an adult....

Looking forward to the school holidays, and the break in routine.  Although, I guess i will be regretting saying that when the holidays start and the kids begin arguing, and I have heard "Mum, Im bored" for the umpteenth time.

Hopefully, I will have a bit more time for crafting over the next few weeks, I need a bit of me time, to slow down, and take stock of my life........A change is acoming!!!!

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