Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Full steam ahead for the christmas season now which I love, Cakes are in process being fed brandy on a regular basis.  I am looking forward to a baking day, with my good friend, playing carols, drinking mulled wine, and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when the smell from the oven purmeates the air.  I love christmas.  Cant wait until December when I can put up the tree and decorations.

I have started on my present shopping, a little later than usual.  And so far so good.   I guess I should start thinking about cards!

And speaking of decorations, I have had this mad idea that I would like a post box, yep a real royal mail red one..having done some research, I have to admit, that the price tag is just a step too far LOL.  I have now commissioned a replica, which I am hoping will come to fruition, I will keep you updated on its progress. (disaster or not)

I will post some of my favourites recipes over the coming weeks,  which I hope you may like to try.

This week I am working on a birthday cake for my niece, rainbow sponge, which I admit is a nightmare LOL.  Made one, and said I wouldnt do another, but here I am in the same situation stresses over doing something I have had no training in and just winging it.....   Photos to follow on completion.

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