Friday, 26 July 2013

Not so scary....

Being 50!   Not so scary after all.   I don't feel any different.  Reflective? Yes.  But in my head I remain 29.   Why? I have no idea.    A quick look in the mirror reminds me of the years  since then, a road with many ups and downs, but a good road.  It has led me to where I am now.  With a beautiful family, and many precious friends.

This coming month,  the school holidays rate highly, we have no immediate plans as yet, other than my daughter turning 17, and being very excited about starting driving lessons.   The rather large garden pool has gone up, and has been host to the neighbourhood kids.   I love it!   House and garden full of laughter (and water, not so welcomed lol).   Although this also generates a mountain of towels for washing, luckily the weather is good for drying...remains to be seen if they remain white by the end of the holidays.

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