Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bargain - New Project.

Say Hello to my new project.  I purchased this oriental design Lamp for £1.00.  How could I resist.  Now to transform it into something unrecognisable, and completely over the top.   One of my Christmas gifts was a cordless glue gun, cant wait to put it to good use, think I might need to stock up on glue sticks.   I have several projects awaiting attention, and shall be working my way through them systematically over the coming weeks/months.  I warn you  they will all be experimental, as although I love craft, I am no expert, I like to cut corners and am a lazy crafter.    I will however, share both the successes and failures along the way.  
Oriental Design Lamp Bought for £1.00
awaiting transformation.
On the look our for interesting haberdashery now, although I am sure that in the abyss I call a craft room I can probably uncover a vast hoard.  But any excuse for a new purchase is a good one right? 
 I am a craft hoarder - there I have said it.  I do believe there is little help for this condition, but who wants help anyway - not me that's for sure.
Today, I am off to meet the ladies that lunch, so this little project is on hold for now.
Have a good day whatever you choose to do. xx.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you do this! Have fun :-) x

  2. Me too, cant wait :)