Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Pretty Things...

Don't you just love pretty things.   Back in October I very much enjoyed a class doing Chinese Brush Painting at a GOGO event.   When I saw this beautiful glass ink pot I just couldn't resist buying it.  I absolutely adore it.   All I need now is a lovely antique bureau to sit it on.   That may have to wait a while though as I have nowhere in my house that I could site one of those at the moment.   This also brings back memories of school, we had handwriting lessons every week using pen and ink.  The desks had the ink wells set in them.  Think I might be giving too much away about my age here.  So many traditions and crafts are disappearing with the need to do everything quickly, easily and without much thought or effort.  Generalising here as I know some people do still love older traditional things.   Take books.....I love reading.   For me the reading is just not about the words its about the feel and the smell of the books.   No e-readers for me.  No thank you.   And when I make notes, I use pen and paper. 
So here I sit dreaming of my antique bureau filled with paper, pens and displaying my gorgeous ink well.

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