Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bargain - New Project.

Say Hello to my new project.  I purchased this oriental design Lamp for £1.00.  How could I resist.  Now to transform it into something unrecognisable, and completely over the top.   One of my Christmas gifts was a cordless glue gun, cant wait to put it to good use, think I might need to stock up on glue sticks.   I have several projects awaiting attention, and shall be working my way through them systematically over the coming weeks/months.  I warn you  they will all be experimental, as although I love craft, I am no expert, I like to cut corners and am a lazy crafter.    I will however, share both the successes and failures along the way.  
Oriental Design Lamp Bought for £1.00
awaiting transformation.
On the look our for interesting haberdashery now, although I am sure that in the abyss I call a craft room I can probably uncover a vast hoard.  But any excuse for a new purchase is a good one right? 
 I am a craft hoarder - there I have said it.  I do believe there is little help for this condition, but who wants help anyway - not me that's for sure.
Today, I am off to meet the ladies that lunch, so this little project is on hold for now.
Have a good day whatever you choose to do. xx.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Anyone for Crochet..

Received this gorgeous gift for Christmas, all the ingredients to make a throw.  Along with a pledge to teach me to crochet no matter how many lessons or how long it took.    Although this only required the knowledge of 2 stitches, I think I picked it up pretty well.  I started this 2 weeks ago, I am progressing well, enjoying this new craft I am learning.   I thought I might find it slightly stressful taking on such a large project for my first attempt at crochet, it is in fact very relaxing.

2015 is looking like a good year to learn new things. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Loved doing this Make and Take from a recent craft show I attended.  It should be weather proof, and live happily outside.  Surprising what you can do with some plaster and a bit of old lace.   As yet I have to find the perfect place to hang it in the garden.  Winter is not the time to make these decisions with everything bare and stagnant.

I have attended a few workshops recently and hope to share them with you over the coming days/weeks.   I have a renewed zest for crafting, with so many new ideas and inspiration.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Prima style flowers revisited

Been ages since I used prima style flowers.  I think I used them to death at one point, but enjoyed revisiting them, on this layout.

The Craft Cupboard trilogy DT project.   And as always, simple is the key.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Monthly Photo Share day 12 - 14

So here we go again....

Day 12 - 4.00pm  - just home with the shopping

Day 13 - Stairs.   The scary stairs to the church cellar.  Beyond that door is............EUGH!

Day 14 - My Breakfast Today.    Cinnamon porridge with grated chocolate and strawberries and a Latte.  Yum Yum...


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Monthly Photo Share Day 11 - Flowers.

I got carried away with this one....but here's a little selection of the photos taken on day 11.

 I love that spring is starting so show itself, such a pretty time of year.  Starting to think about clearing up the garden and planting up some new border plants.  Just waiting to be sure the frost is over.  

Monday, 10 March 2014

Monthly Photo Share days 5-10

Day 5 - Logo.  Yummy chocoholics logo. 
Day 6 - What's inside?  You may well ask.

Day 7 - Smile.  I couldn't find a willing party, but found this self portrait my daughter drew for the school year tea towel LOL she looks like Mr Potato Head.  She is far more beautiful in real life.

Day 8 - Sky.   The weather was awful this day, but I didn't cheat and attempted to take a photo of the sky.  Not brilliant, but I kinda like it.

Day 9 - A treasured Item...I have many treasures - my beautiful kids who I never thought I Would have, my parents who I am lucky to still have around, they celebrated 60 years of marriage 2 years ago. I have photographed my silver sixpence from the year I was born. To remind me to treasure every day, every blessing and all the people and lovely things that come into our lives. Nothing lasts forever.

Day 10 - Shadows.  The sun has been playing peek a boo today, so was really difficult to get shadow photos so I quickly took this shadow puppet with my ipad, when the sun quickly peeked out from behind a cloud and through my window.

I am enjoying the challenge of taking a photo a day, Didn't think I would make it to day 10, YAY me, so far so good.