Sunday, 24 April 2011

The End Of Lent.

WOW! I did it, I actually got to the end of Lent without any chocolate, biscuits or cake.
I have been saving a Ripple for 40 days, and now I cant bear to eat it, it has become my friend. LOL

Family over today for Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner. My feet are killing me I stood all day yesterday cooking and have been up since 6am making cinnamon buns, and cupcakes. The storms last night had me worried, but we have woke up to a beautiful morning, just keep our fingers crossed it stays that way.

I have soooo much chocolate to hide, it will probably take me a week, and its so darn hot today, I think they will need cups as it will soon turn into liquid.

Happy Easter one and all xxx

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