Monday, 25 June 2012


Well, not  camp exactly, but a rather large house.  Yes its that time of year again and we are taking the Brownies away for the weekend.  Challenging for both Leaders and Girls Alike.  Many have never slept away from home EVER!.  So much to organise before friday, so all thought of crafting is on hold.

Its a rather tight ship this time as 2 people have let me down, so only 2 leaders, a cook and a young leader, usually we have 6 adult leaders.   Lets see how the dynamics change, it should be interesting, and I am sure the few of us that are going will be shattered, we are taking 17 girls, mostly 7 year olds.

Lets hope I dont forget anything as leader in charge I supposed to stay on site, but as the only driver, that might be difficult.....

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