Wednesday, 5 June 2013

50 Take Two

On my fast approach to the BIG 50  here is the second giveaway as promised.

50 Random Chipboards items.    I have an obsession with chipboards and could probably fill a bag with 5 times this amount LOL.   So if you love chipboard as much as I do, leave a comment below, and I will use random generator to chose someone at random to receive this little ensemble.

What a lovely week we are having, I had so many good intentions to do some serious spring cleaning, but all gone by the wayside.  Who wants to do cleaning while the sun it out, not me for sure.

Thoughts are taking me to the holidays, and what I can do with 2 teenagers for 6 weeks.  Any suggestions gratefully recieved.  One boy, one Girl, who rarely want to do the same things.  One is a daredevil, the other just wants to spend money LOL.  So do I risk my life doing some hair brain activity, or risk my life savings on spending.  Mmm difficult one eh?  I sit and ponder.

Only four weeks now to my official birthday, like the queen I like to celebrate in many ways over many days, over the year even.   Looking forward to meeting up with friends, visiting some new places, and learning some new things.

Things I am not looking forward to, are the many horrible jobs I have to complete, like a visit to the dump with the rotting vegetation from the garden.  Nice thought eh?  Might be easier to get a composting bin.

Oh well, I leave you lovelies for now, please leave a comment below if you would like to be in the draw for the chipboards.



  1. Good luck with the holiday plans!!! I have a teen who wants to sit on the X box all day.. so thinking up ways that won't kill or bankrupt me to get her off it! :-)
    More importantly though.. I want to play with this chipboard... so here is my message! LOL Smashing bundle of it.. thank you hugely for the chance.. crossing it all!
    hugs xxxxx

  2. I would love to win these please :-) x

  3. Yes please,would be happy to win...

  4. Holiday, can u fit into your case lol, and i would love to wins these xx

  5. Would love to win these goodies xx

  6. You know I loves chipboard ..... remember I offered to come round when I 1st got talking to you to rummage in your fetish box!!!!! cant come up with ideas for occupying 2 teenagers though, good luck on that one!!! you can always escape here for a coffee and a break if you need it :) x

    1. LOL Nikki, must tidy room for you to rummage x