Monday, 27 May 2013

Glorious Bank Holiday Weekend.

What a glorious weekend.   The sun has shone now for 3 days, YES! 3 DAYS.  Can you believe it.
Did some well overdue jobs in the garden including painting the summer house with wood preservative.
Next job, clear it out of all the junk that has accumulated, so I can actually use it for its intended purpose.  Grass has been cut, hedges trimmed, general tidy up font and back, Hope the weather is good tomorrow so I can actually sit and relax. Although I cant complain, shared a bottle of fizzy with in impromptu visitor today :), very nice it was too.   And snuck out for a coffee with a friend I dont see nearly enough.

Kids are off now for the week, so a lovely break in routine, both have study to do for exams, so do expect a bit of a battle with at least one of them LOL.    My other battle is stopping them eating their way through a heap load of junk while they are off.    Trying to encourage them to eat more healthily.  Lost cause I think.

Other half has man flu, why is it when we genuinely need help, its ignored but one sneeze and the male population are rendered useless, and cant possibly do anything for themselves.   One of lifes mysteries.

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  1. Funny how many shops up here are still open on Bank Holiday weekend, our Craft Shop for one and all the shoe, chemists and charity shops - all open!!!! So we did some shopping, what else...and not craft...Hope you all had a good weekend...fiona x