Friday, 17 May 2013

I am officially addicted.

I am officially addicted to Stampin Up products.  I have some amazingly gorgeous items that I have collected over the past few months, including stamps, inks, papers and embellishments. 
If you are interested in checking out what is available, see the link on the left.  The amazing Carole will be happy to help with orders, enquiries or questions.

Now, having collected all this amazing stuff I have to actually use it.  I am addicted to all things pretty, whether I might use them or not is questionable, I have material, but I dont sew, I have wool, but I cant Knit or Crochet.   This year I am determined to learn to crochet and to sew and have accepted the kind offer from 2 of my friends to teach me.  Lets see how much patience they have LOL.  I hope to share pictures of my progress very soon.

Heres a  little picture of my latest delivery of wall...

I think I am going to need another room, as my rather small craft room is cram packed with stuff right now, and its almost impossible to move in there, if I am honest it is already impossible.  Add to that a sewing machine and a stack of wool, and it doesnt get any easier .....

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