Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday....Party Time.

Having a lazy saturday afternoon,  one of my friends is turning 50 today, and we have a party to go to later.

Looking forward to getting out after being confined almost to base for the past 2 weeks. Will be nice to have a new view and some adult conversation.   Looking at that weather though, I might have to rethink my outfit,  its a garden party, and its looking decidedly gloomy out there.

Talking of 50, mine is looming up fast, last year I was quite looking forward to it, but now its getting  closer I am not quite so excited.  LOL.

Sooo.  as the topic seems to be revolving around 50 I think my blog giveaway should contain 50 items.  Now that could be 50 brads couldnt it? But that wouldnt be much fun now.   So you will just have to be patient and keep checking back regularly to see what delights will be up for grabs.  I will make sure  I get this sorted for next week.  Waiting for a bit is exciting, but waiting too long is just dead boring....

Totally random, but I love Giraffes.

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